5 Guys Ariana Grande Could Date Next

August 5, 2014 By:
5 Guys Ariana Grande Could Date Next

Line up, boys. Ariana Grande is back on the market! Billboard has reported that Ariana has broken up with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Jai Brooks. 

The two first started dating in August 2012 and ended their relationship in July of last year. They got back together earlier this year, only to break up again because Jai wasn't there for Ariana during the death of her grandfather.


We absolutely love Ariana and want her to get with a guy who loves and appreciates her like she deserves. So we decided to play Cupid on Ariana's behalf and pair her up with five potential new guys:



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The 24-year-old German electronic music artist produced her single "Break Free." Everyone who has met Zedd in real life has nothing but good things to say about him. He's sweet, sincere, and they'd be super cute together. 


Justin Bieber 

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Justin and Ariana have been friends for a while now. He even kissed Ariana in a selfie that Scooter Braun made her post on Twitter. Justin may be too much of a bad boy for good girl Ariana. But we're still waiting on that collab from them…


Nick Jonas

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Ariana and Nick have also been friends for a while now. They worked on music together back in 2011. They're both the same age, musicians and adorable. Swipe right, Ariana!


Mac Miller

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Ariana called upon rapper Mac Miller to be featured on her track "The Way." They sing and rap about the joy of young love. They even share a kiss in the music video for the song! It is so believable and we give Mac two thumbs up.


Zayn Malik

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Fans of One Direction's Zayn Malik and Ariana love the two together so much, they even have a cute nickname for them, Zariana. Although they would be totez adorbz as a couple, we're not too sure about Zayn for Ariana because of the weed-smoking incident that Zayn and fellow 1D member Louis Tomlinson got themselves into a few months ago.


Who do you think Ariana should date? Someone on this list? Someone else? We're rooting for Mac Miller. They look so freakin' cute together in "The Way" music video that we can't help but want them to date. Let us know what you think in the comments section.