Is Ariana Grande Actually a Diva: A Case Study

September 19, 2014 By:
Is Ariana Grande Actually a Diva: A Case Study

Will Ariana Grande's career be shot down as soon as it rose up? The pint-sized singer has reported to be a TOTAL diva. There's rumors that she's rude to fans and even want them to "all f***ing die." 

So is Ariana actually a diva? Take a look at our comprehensive list below and decide for yourself: 


- Photographers are only allowed to film and take pictures of her from her left side of her face.


Ariana only allows photographers to shoot on the left side. If they don't abide by her rules, her security makes the photographer delete all their photos.


- Ariana has had drama with co-stars on both of her TV sitcoms "Sam & Cat" amd "Victorious."

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It has been rumored that Ariana and co-star Jennette McCurdy had beef on and off set. The girls shaded each other on Twitter, and Jennette even ended up making a web series with an obnoxious character named Arianna, oh wait, we meant to say Glorianna.


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Arianna also wasn't the best of friends with "Victorious" co-star Victoria Justice. She blamed Victoria on the cancellation of the show, which led to some shade throwing via Twitter.


- Ariana was cold and rude to her fans who won a contest to meet her.

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A dad wrote a blog post about his two daughters' experience of meeting Ariana after winning a contest. According to the post, the girls were shuffled around all day without being fed, and when it came time to meet Ariana, she spent a total of 15 seconds with the winners. She didn't ask the girls their names and when they took a picture with her, she made the girls delete the photos.


- Ariana is controlling and difficult to work with on set. 

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A source revealed that on set, Ariana said that if the lighting crew used red light, she would "kill herself."


- Ariana once said that she wishes her fans would "all f***ing die."

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Ariana visited a radio station earlier this summer for an interview, and several people overheard her say the comment about her fans. An insider told New York Daily News that "She did autographs and pictures and was all smiles until she got to the elevator. And as soon as the doors shut, she said: 'I hope they all fucking die.'"


To be fair, a lot of these allegations sound like, well, allegations. What do you think? Is Ariana really a diva? Is her image being misconstrued?