Ariana Grande Responds to Diva Rumors By Being a Diva

September 9, 2014 By:
Ariana Grande Responds to Diva Rumors By Being a Diva

Since the start of Ariana Grande's career, she's been compared to Mariah Carey for her vocal range and ability. Now the two have another thing in common -- they've both huge DIVAS.

A recent list was published online with the strict rules that came with interviewing and shooting Ariana Grande in Australia. 

The media were not allowed to ask Ariana about the following:
- Relationships/Dating/Ex-boyfriends
- Mariah Carey
- Sam & Cat/Jennette McCurdy
- Working/Collaborating with Justin Bieber
- Her grandfather passing away.

The list above seems pretty fair… She's probably had enough of the questions about her ex-boyfriends, the comparisons to Mariah Carey, and of course, the passing of their grandfather.

The last demand is where you see Ariana's diva side come out. Photographers were ONLY allowed to snap pictures of the left side of her face. At least she knows which side of her face looks better?

Ariana stopped by Australian radio The Edge to end all diva rumors. She didn't really convince us though. In the interview, she comes off a bit diva-ish and even calls one of the radio hosts a "jerk."

She's becoming more and more like Mariah everyday. Peep Mariah Carey's biggest diva moments here.