Ariana Grande's Mom Loves Big Sean

December 2, 2014 By:
Ariana Grande's Mom Loves Big Sean
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The cat's been out of the bag -- Ariana Grande and Big Sean are a thing. And they take every opportunity they have to let the world know they're all loved up.

Arianators approve of her relationship with Big Sean. They're happy to see her so happy.

But what does Ariana's mom think about her daughter's relationship?

Apparently, Ariana's mom Joan Grande LOVES Big Sean. Ariana's already introduced Sean to the family and to her mother, who now "treats him like a son." According to several sources, "Joan loves Sean because she knows that Ariana is safe with him. All she really wants for Ariana is to be with someone for the right reasons and she believes that Sean truly loves her, so Joan loves him."

Ariana and Sean seem to be pretty serious, and really smitten about each other. He even bought her a beautiful bouquet of pink roses just a few days ago.



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