Artist of the Week: Jessie and the Toy Boys

June 29, 2012 By:
Artist of the Week: Jessie and the Toy Boys

If you name Britney Spears, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Katy Perry as some of your favorite artists and you HAVEN’T heard about Jessie and the Toy Boys yet, you’re listening to the wrong music.

Jessie Malakouti of Jessie and the Toy Boys recently toured with Britney Spears on the Femme Fatale tour and also headlined at the first ever Identity Festival alongside Kaskade and Skrillex. Her sound is best described as punk-rock-meets-electronic-glitter.

Jessie is currently in the studio working on her new album and Stereotude has an exclusive Q&A with this hot new artist. She dishes on everything from her crazy new dubstep influenced sound to her predictions for Britney on “The X Factor.”

Stereotude: Tell us about the first time you heard your song on the radio?

Jessie: There's actually a funny video documenting the first time I heard myself on the radio on YouTube. I was driving down Hollywood Blvd with friends when I heard my song "Key To The City" come on 1027 KIIS FM (Shot out to DJ SKEE btw) I freaked out! I was so happy I started screaming out the window to tourists "I'm on the radio!!" then I jumped out and flash mob style had a dance party on the walk of fame.

ST: What is the recording process like for you?

Jessie: I love writing and recording songs. It's like therapy. You get to take it all out on the mic, good or bad or swag or whatever you're feeling. Just spit. I usually start with the melody first, I'll just mumble gibberish lyrics in order to get the notes I want out, afterward I write the lyrics and lay it all down.

ST: What has been your favorite song to record so far?

Jessie: I wrote a new song for my album called "On With My Bad Self," it's the definition of swag. I had so much fun making it, just kind of went really left and crazy on the verses, then pulled it together for a nice sugary 90's feeling pop hook. It has all my favorite elements, there's even a dubstep/moombahton feeling bridge. It's bananas!

ST: If you weren’t a singer what career path would you have taken?

Jessie: None. This is what I'm meant to do. Eventually I'm going to transition into making films, and then scoring them as well.

ST: What is your guilty pleasure?

Jessie: Sometimes I like to watch really bad reality TV like "Bayou Billionaires" on CMT.

ST: I read that you appeared on many music videos as a teen, can you tell us about your favorite/memorable video shoot?

Jessie: I danced in Nick Cannon's video for a song he had called "Dime Piece" it was fun. I got to dance as grimey as I wanted to, breaking and house footwork, not your typical booty shaking dancing.

ST: What was it like opening up for Britney Spears?

Jessie: It was an incredible experience. I learned so much and made so many new fans across the country. I can't wait to headline my own tour!

ST: How do you think she will do on X-Factor?

Jessie: I think Britt is an excellent choice for the show. She really is an incredible performer and artist and I think she will add a lot to the show. Plus she is gorgeous, so who doesn't want to turn on their TV and see that?

ST: What are you working on now?

Jessie: Taking over the airwaves.