Watch: Ash Riser's 'Down'

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Watch: Ash Riser\'s \'Down\'

Buygore Records has developed a reputation worldwide for slanging a gritty sound that could comfortably fit the soundtrack to anything from an orgy to a fistfight. Led by the inimitable bass peddler Borgore and supported by acts like Ookay and Kennedy Jones, Buygore brings a certain sleaze-factor to the dance floor that often leads to tomfoolery of epic proportions -- the kind of tunes that turn your high school valedictorian into a ratchet-as-fuck booty monster. 

Ash Riser is an essential component of Buygore's American contingent. The dude is a quadruple threat: Singer, rhymeslanger, producer, and DJ. In fact, there isn't much the liquor-soaked virtuoso can't pull off. 

In his new video for "Down," we get a peek into Riser's world. As the slowed-down mariachi horns kick in and the party rages around him, he drops bars about meth binges and stolen cars. Riser's singing voice carries a gravelly intensity to it that peels your eyes open and makes you listen. The confluence of sounds in the track is startlingly effective. It is at once dirty funk, hip-hop, rock, and an unknown quantity that we can only describe as L.A. Street

And then out of nowhere the track drops into a cover of Portishead's "Sour Times" and the video pans around the twilight moments of an after-party. The scene of strewn bodies laid across the floor of the disheveled apartment reads like a veritable roster of key players in the L.A. underground. And when Riser sings "Nobody loves me," he does it with such a ferocious conviction that you fear it just might be true. 

If you like what you heard, it's your lucky day. Here's the fresh-outta-the-box release "Sueno."

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