Holiday Q&A with Asher Monroe

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Holiday Q&A with Asher Monroe

Asher Monroe is the kind of guy you want around at a Christmas party. As evidenced by the new music video for "Christmas Is Here to Stay," the "Hush Hush" heartthrob knows when to croon and when to get a 'lil crazy. To celebrate the release of the track, we asked him a few holiday themed questions:

Tell us how to wow a lady during the holiday season.

Just be there. Spend every second of the holidays with her and slip in a serenade when you can. It doesn't hurt to carry around some mistletoe with you too. ; )

What is the best present you have ever received?

The best present I get every year is seeing the reactions from all my fans when I put out new songs. It's a gift to be making music every day. 
What do you want for Christmas? Where can fans send your presents?
For Christmas this year, all I really want is to spend time with family and friends. I love giving presents and watching people's faces light up and I want to keep in touch with all my Monbros & Monroses over the holidays. They can contact me @ashermonroe on Twitter if they have a burning desire to give me a gift, but their continued support is all I'd ever ask!
What are your New Year's plans?
I'm thinking about a little New Year's getaway vacation... not sure where yet. It will be good to relax and recharge because I'll be ringing in 2014 with a bang!!!

If that didn't get you in the holiday mood, maybe the video for "Christmas Is Here to Stay" will:

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