Avril Lavigne Fires Her Manager

December 11, 2008 By:
Avril Lavigne Fires Her Manager

Uh-oh! Avril Lavigne must have finally realized her career is going downhill at a rapid speed, because she’s gone and fired her management company. Her last album, The Best Damn Thing, sold only 5.4 million copies worldwide, which was a major drop from her 2004 album, Under My Skin.

Her tour did terribly too! Avril was forced to cancel several shows due to low ticket sales. Maybe everyone is just a little tired of the mean attitude she always has?

But Avril thinks she’s off to a fresh start without her old manager, Terry McBride of Nettwerk, who has stuck with Avril for a long time. We give him credit!

A source says, "Avril is hoping that new management can help her new album be more successful than the last."

Avril has hired Irving Azoff to represent her now. And he’s got quite the talent list, including Christina Aguilera. Avril has making up to do for last time! Think she can make a comeback? Hey, if Britney Spears can make a comeback so can Avril!