Avril Lavigne "Goodbye" Music Video

March 2, 2012 By:

Avril Lavigne debuts a music video, what is this, 2006? I feel like I haven’t used the words “Avril” and “new music” in the same sentence in ages.

Anyways, Avril just wrapped up her Black Star tour and in honor of saying goodbye to her tour, she gave fans her new music video for the song “Goodbye.”

“Here it is #LittleBlackStars! My Special video to thank you for an amazing Goodbye Lullaby year! Love you! Xo”

“Thank you for taking the time to listen to it, for buying my songs, buying my albums and coming out to the shows. It means so much…so I decided to shoot a little video for my song ‘Goodbye,’” she says in the video.

The video was shot by her friend Mark Liddell at the Chateau Marmont, which is the backdrop for a lot of famous LA photoshoots, videos and films.

The video is set in grainy black and white, where we follow a very Old-Hollywood looking Avril waltzing around her hotel room in a giant fur coat.

It’s a very lonely look at the starlet, who sings a song to a lover she has to leave. In the video she sits in a bathtub with a bottle of merlot, takes photos alone, lounges on the roof in lingerie, and then waltzes around her room very bored.

The video goes back and forth between black and white and color and ends with Avril in full color crying her eyes out into the sink, make-up running everywhere. Like I said, this is a very sad video.

The brightside is, Avril looks stunning. The former rawk chic has ditched the overalls and thick eyeliner and finally has embraced a more glamorous look.