Azealia Banks "Luxury" Music Video

September 27, 2012 By:

The “212” look that shot rapper Azealia Banks to internet stardom gets a polished upgrade in the glossy black-and-white video for “Luxury.”

In the minimalist video directed by Clarence Fuller, Azealia is always in the forefront and center—strutting the New York City streets or dancing against the New York City skyline—to the Machinedrum produced track off her free Fantasea mix tape.

Both are shot with an arty monochrome finish that captures both the classic, yet contempo qualities of the Empire State, but they still stand in subtle contrasts to one another. Sonically, “212” is faaaaaar more eclectic and bumpin’, bumpin’ than “Luxury,” which is happy enough being that sassy smooth track you spontaneously lock arms with your BFF to while swaying and sashaying down the fake high fashion runway in your collective minds you project onto the concrete city streets.

Azealia also trades in her Mickey Mouse sweater for an editorially chic Midnight Cowboy inspired getup that shows off a figure to rival Janet Jackson’s in “Love Will Never Do (Without You)”. Attention, everyone: the ‘90s are officially back and they’re locked away in the time capsule that is Azealia Banks’s abs.

Not so luxurious, however, is the Twitter throw down the rapper’s found herself in today with another producer. Apparently, Azealia freely lifted Dutch beatmaker Munchi’s version of the Montell Jordan classic “Get It On Tonite” for her Fantasea track “Esta Noche,” a common practice in the mix tape game.

However, as Azealia geared up to release it as a single, Munchi was feeling ticked she didn’t ask his permission first. Her camp then offered him $25,000­–$50,000 and a public apology for its use, but he still refused, tweeting: “No releasing my track, being a spoiled brat, releasing coverwork, release dates before even reaching out is a good look right?” He added, “Tell your camp the deal is off I don’t want your fucking $25,000. Fuck off. Go be a puppet bitch to someone else.”

Azealia’s since halted the release, tweeting her own response: “k so esta noche won’t be released today because @originalmunchi thinks I’m in the illuminati…” and “I’m cracking up right now… This is a first.”

It’s unfortunate this is the current situation surrounding the song considering it’s one of—if not the—hottest cut off the mix tape, but she’s not letting it slow her down. Azealia shrugged her way to the “Esta Noche” set and shot the video anyway. She also just wrapped another video today for “Atlantis.”