Azealia Banks "Van Vogue" Music Video

August 14, 2012 By:

It’s been a big week for Azealia Banks: after fanning the flames of a fight with Jim Jones in her new single 'Succubi,' she tweeted news of her video for her single “Van Vogue,” off her newest EP 1991, and promised that another was a’coming before her first full-length LP, Broke With Expensive Taste, drops in September!

It makes sense that Azealia, who rose to prominence thanks to a series of demos she uploaded to YouTube last year, is so comfortable with the medium. Since the days of “212,” though, Banks has come a long way in terms of videography and outfit changes.

She enlisted Rankin to direct her most recent videos, and he’s doing a good job of helping her become a style icon a la Gaga: in the video for “Liquorice,” she sports butt-length hair, demon horns, wide brimmed hats and an American flag bikini and shorts outfit as two dueling versions of herself and a cast of other characters, and in the new “Van Vogue,” she goes a little sleeker, with a tangerine and turquoise pantsuits, that hat again, and a marginally insane looking hairpiece.

Azealia should certainly get points for having a more discerning taste, not being an absolute psychopath and not having to warp her voice within an inch of its life, unlike some of her hip-hop counterparts (ahem ahem Nicki Minaj).

So who knows? Maybe Lady Gaga will reach Madonna status well before she’s 50, with Azealia so hot on her musical and sartorial non-heels.