Azaelia Banks Performance at Coachella

April 16, 2012 By:

Trying not to get lost in the “omigod Tupac was at Coachella” nonsense, a little known artist named Azaelia Banks took the stage on Saturday to prove that she’s about to become a very big artist.

During Azaelia’s 30-minute set, she told audiences several times “This is my biggest show ever.”

She may be green, but dang is she good. Azaelia was rocking a purple wig and a striped pantsuit and had more stage presence than many seasoned veterans. There was no smoke and mirrors, no lights, no crazy sets. It was just Azaelia flanked by a DJ and two backing dancers.

She blew through her tongue splitting rhymes effortlessly despite the fact that her newness to the scene means she hasn’t built up a huge catalog yet.

She took a break from the rapping to sing an a cappella version of Amy Winehouse’s hit “Valerie” that had audiences jaws on the floor.

She also covered Prodigy’s “Firestarter,” to close her set, which was an interesting choice since almost nobody remembers that song, she got a lot of blank stares from the audience with that song.

Other than those two covers, the rest of the set was all her own original music.

But the real crowd pleaser was when she launched into her lead single, “212.” The raunchy song went viral on the internet and it’s clear that her pretty sizeable audience was there to hear that track alone.

Before she launched into the performance she told the audience, “This song is my favorite,” as the familiar notes of the intro began to play, the crowd went nuts.

It’s only a matter of time before this New York based rapstress carves a space for herself in pop music.

Azaelia covering Amy’s Valerie below:

Azaelia performing her hit 212: