Azealia Banks Finally Has a New Song, On Her Own Label

July 28, 2014 By:
 Azealia Banks Finally Has a New Song, On Her Own Label

Azealia Banks was finally released from her record deal with Universal Music Group last month. For ages, she begged via Twitter to be dropped from her label and to be bought out by Sony or XL Recordings. 

Now she has shared her first track since becoming a free agent. The track is called “Heavy Metal and Reflective,” and it will be released tomorrow via her very own label, Azealia Banks Records. 

Idolator said this about the track: “Azealia, sorry, baby — but this trap-lite trash is less of ‘an ASS-CLAPPERRRRRRRR’ (as the rapstress herself described it) and more of an exercise in how artists who spend too much time projectile-vomiting hate on Twitter ought to get it together and actually focus on not making shit music.”

Ouch. We don't hate the track as much as Idolator does. In fact, we're kind of feeling it. But what stands out on the track is not Banks’ lyrics, but the production by Lil Internet.

A step in the right direction for Azealia? Hopefully. We're still waiting for another hit as good as “212.”