Backstreet Boys Ditch NKOTB, Release New Single "Lost in Space"

September 21, 2011 By:
Backstreet Boys Ditch NKOTB, Release New Single

The Backstreet Boys, err, I mean the Backstreet MEN are still trying to be popstars. Hey guys, reach for the stars. Actually, they are quite literally reaching for the stars, their new single is called, “Lost In Space.”

After the Backstreet fellas combined with the men from New Kids On The Block for a nostalgia-fueled revival tour, BSB has realized that playing old songs and greatest hits will only get you so far. That and the fact that choreographed hip-hop dances performed by anyone over the age of 18 is unsettling to watch.

So, BSB has ditched the hanger-ons and have just decided to release their own music again. The new Backstreet Boys is all four of the original members minus Kevin Richardson.

The new song, "Lost In Space" boasts lyrics like “Can we stay up all night, cuz we can sleep all day,” which makes no sense because I know like half of Backstreet Boys have children and real lives and stuff. You can't sleep all day when you have a kid?

The futuristic dance track was produced by Jim Jonsin who also produced the song “Lollipop” for Lil Wayne, “Whatever You Like” for TI and co-produced “Sweet Dreams” for Beyonce.

“Lost in Space” is an electro-pop synth-driven track with vague descriptions of either making love in outer-space, or piloting a rocketship and getting lost on the way to space. Either that, or maybe they are singing about going to a club in outer-space? I don’t really know, here are the lyric, decide for yourself:

“We get lost in space/We don’t need nobody, to get lost in space/Show me how you rock it baby/As the world goes round, round, round/let the beat go down, down, down.”

The beat itself is not bad, and it’s refreshing to hear vocal talents of someone over the age of 25. I’m so sick of little boy trills like Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo, Nick Jonas and Chris Brown. However, the ridiculous lyrics do a disservice to the whole song, “Lost-in space, lost-lost-in space.” Hmmm…

However, this song is no worse than “Whatcha Say” by Jason Derulo or “Let it Rock” by Kevin Rudolf or anything by the Black Eyed Peas, really. And all those songs were super popular, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this BSB track makes it onto at least the Billboard Pop charts.

I’m rooting for these guys to make a comeback, but until they make a song that people care about, I will still be choosing “Everybody/Backstreet’s Back” as my go-to Karaoke song .