BSB Howie Dorough Expecting First Child

January 14, 2009 By:
BSB Howie Dorough Expecting First Child

2009 is officially the year of celebrity babies. Backstreet Boys star Howie Dorough and his wife Leigh are expecting their first child together.

The couple, who wed in December 2007, confirmed that the baby is due in June. Yay for Gemini baby!

"I know she's going to be a great mother," Dorough told People. "If she can take care of me, the biggest baby in the entire world, I think she's going to be okay with the little one coming along."

His wife Leigh added: "I think he's going to be more hands-on than anyone expects. He's someone who will get up in the night and change diapers. He's such a partner of mine."

Speaking about how he found out about the pregnancy, Howie said: "Leigh surprised me with breakfast in bed. [I knew] something was up. I looked down and saw the pregnancy test strip [on the tray]. The look on my face was like something from America's Funniest Home Videos. I thought, 'Oh my god! Here we go! This is it!'"

How cute is that? They seem like a really great couple, and their baby is going to be one lucky kid. Congrats to the couple!