Beyonce and Jay-Z Hit Up Tribeca for Italian Dinner

October 22, 2012 By:
Beyonce and Jay-Z Hit Up Tribeca for Italian Dinner

The Superstar Couple We All Strive to Be, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, dined out in Tribeca, New York City this weekend where their presence commanded so much attention you could’ve heard a fork drop.

The married pair’s appetites were clearly in an “Empire State of Mind.” They joined friends and family at the signature Italian-restaurant-none-of-us-were-invited-to Gigino Trattoria, where they ate in an outdoor seating area while surrounded by the company of loved ones, which included none other than Bey’s mama Tina Knowles.

Had in my wildest dreams I’d been invited to twirl bucatini with Beyoncé, I would’ve put my own fandom aside and taken it upon myself to represent us all and tell Tina, “Thank you for giving birth. Love, The World.”

The 4 singer and The Blueprint 3 rapper tried to do that cute thing rich people attempt on occasion—maintain a low-profile—but impossible. While they didn’t reenact that spaghetti sharing scene from Lady and The Tramp, they still turned heads in their casual outfits.

Jay wore a bright blue hooded sweatshirt with khaki pants and light brown Timbs. Beyoncé, her hair thrown up in a messy bun, wore black leggings with Isabel Marant sneakers and a chunky monotone sweater that’ll have people singing “Pregnant with Blue Ivy’s Sibling” rumors.

You see if a celebrity wears a chunky sweater anytime of the year—no matter that it’s chilly fall and autumn appropriate—people will assume it’s because she’s pregnant. It’s just part of the rules. Let’s hope she reveals this baby bump as part of the biggest baby shower ever: her Super Bowl Halftime performance in February.