Beyonce: Changing Diapers Is "Beautiful"

September 11, 2012 By:

Beyoncé always says the right thing. Even at the expense of being a little Bey-oring.

The 31-year-old “Love on Top” singer chatted with Anderson Cooper about motherhood, Blue Ivy, and Jay-Z on the new season of his talk show “Anderson Live” yesterday. Topics of the unscripted-that-sounded-scripted conversation included everything mama—from nursery rhymes to diapers.

On how the birth of Blue has colored Beyoncé’s perspective: “It just gives you purpose and all of the things my self-esteem was associated with, it’s all completely different. I realized why I was born and more than anything, all of the things I want to pass on to my child. The best way of doing that is not by preaching or telling her, but showing her by example.”

On nursery rhymes: “I make up a lot of crazy, corny songs.”
Anderson transitions to asking about the day-to-day, wondering who changes more diapers: Beyoncé or Jay-Z?
“We both do,” Beyonce answers, adding, “I love changing diapers. I love it. I just love every moment of it. It’s so beautiful.”

Beyoncé going for a work/life balance and having a humble attitude is great and all, but when she starts talking about changing diapers, it starts sounding a little too much like she’s competing in a mom pageant.

Then again, this was all at the benefit for World Humanitarian Day at the United Nations General Assembly Hall, so it’s probably best that Beyoncé to keep her responses civil and appropriately tame.