Beyonce Officially Drops Out of 'A Star Is Born' Remake

October 10, 2012 By:
Beyonce Officially Drops Out of 'A Star Is Born' Remake

When you wish upon A Star Is Born remake, well, you don’t always get Beyoncé. Bye bye, B!

The 31-year-old pop singer will no longer be birthing the remake of classic film A Star Is Born with director Clint Eastwood. The singer chalks it up to a busy-B work schedule. In a statement to E! News, she explains dropping her stellarness from the anticipated project:

"I was looking forward to the production of A Star Is Born and the opportunity to work with Clint Eastwood. For months we tried to coordinate our schedules to bring this remake to life but it was just not possible. Hopefully in the future we will get a chance to work together."

You see, Bey likes to keep herself resourceful and productive with worthwhile projects, but if she takes on just one more that alters her unified sense of pleasing others while also remaining in total control, she lets it go. Typical Virgo.

Beyoncé was originally attached to the remake at the start of 2011, but after her pregnancy and birth of Blue Ivy, production was pushed back until later in the year.

Now soulful jazz prodigy Esperanza Spalding is reportedly in the running for the vacated role, according to Variety. For those who haven’t seen the previous three incarnations of A Star Is Born, it follows the romance between a rising talent who falls far a falling star, a lead that’s been portrayed by Janet Gaynor, Judy Garland, and Barbra Streisand.

This may be like a blessing in disguise for the casting. Yes, Beyoncé has megawatts of star power, but for believability’s sake, it’ll be hard to suspend disbelief that the “Who Run the World (Girls)” singer doesn’t in fact run the entire show behind-the-scenes. Esperanza, on the other hand, is more youthful and could bring an innocent air to the film. She already stole a Grammy win from Justin Bieber for “Best New Artist” in 2011; stealing the heart of a male lead isn’t so out of this world.

As for who’s to play that lucky chap, no one has been cast, though its short list has Bradley Cooper (too young), Leonardo DiCaprio (too obvious), and Tom Cruise (just no) in the running. Seriously, if they'd just go ahead and offer Jon Hamm the male lead it'd be like the planets aligning.

Now that Beyoncé is up and out, Clint has an open seat on his set, and given his affection for empty chairs lately, let’s hope someone hurries up and fills it before he casts it.