Beyonce Shopping Her Documentary Around

August 2, 2012 By:

Musicians and bands have, for the most part, always loved filming themselves, talking about themselves, and celebrating themselves, and so have the companies that produce and distribute their cash cows films.

Katy Perry's new Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D has grossed over $29 million worldwide so far, and Justin Bieber's Never Say Never made more than $98 million, which is more than Tupac and Madonna's docs combined (NO JUSTICE).

Beyonce is the latest artist to be rumored to be shopping a biopic to studios. She intends to direct and produce the movie (because she’s Beyonce, and Beyonce does everything), which will be a combination of concert footage and interviews.

Beyonce’s last movie, Beyonce: Year 4, aired on MTV last year and covered her return to the recording studio to create her most recent album 4, before taking a break to have her first baby, Blue Ivy Carter.

She’s also just started touring again, and is apparently working on material for a new album, and there are also two new compilation albums from Destiny’s Child being released.

The Rolling Stones are releasing a documentary about their 50 years as a band on HBO, and I’m pretty confident they have significantly more (and more interesting) material than, say, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Beyonce put together.