Beyoncé Steals Michelle William's Video with Thirty-Second Cameo

June 19, 2014 By:
Beyoncé Steals Michelle William's Video with Thirty-Second Cameo

Destiny's Child. OMG We love them. Beyoncé, Kelly, and wait, who was that last girl?

Oh yeah, Michelle.

Michelle Williams is the butt of all Destiny's Child jokes. Search "poor Michelle" on Google and you're bombarded with 91,800,000 results. There's even a Poor Michelle website dedicated to "all the times Michelle Williams got the short end of the Destiny's Child stick..."

All jokes aside, Michelle released a new music video yesterday! The track is called "Say Yes" and features a Destiny's Child reunion. Yes, BEYONCÉ and Kelly both sing and appear in the video. 

However, Beyoncé has once again stolen the spotlight in Michelle's new video. Every time Beyoncé appears, she looks absolutely radiant and seems to light up the shot. Also, when the video was posted yesterday on YouTube, for several hours the preview image showed Beyoncé's picture, not Michelle's. The picture has since been switched for one featuring all three Destiny's Child members.

Take a peek at the #PoorMichelle hashtag on Twitter for LOLs.

Good luck, Michelle...