Beyonce Being Sued for $100 Million

December 9, 2011 By:
Beyonce Being Sued for $100 Million

What could you possibly sue Beyonce for? For being too bootylicious? Is that why? That’s totally why. No but really, a video game company named Gate Five is suing Beyonce for $100 million in damages when she allegedly walked away from a deal to create a motion-sensor dance video game called “Starpower: Beyonce.”

Besides the fact that that video game could have been awesome, that’s a ton of money. That’s even a lot of money for people like Beyonce and Jay-Z, who probably have like diamond encrusted Bugatti’s, I’m sure.

Gate Five claims she signed on to do the project and then abruptly dropped out, probably because she got pregnant. The company says that her abandonment lost them $7 million in initial investments, causing them to miss out on $100 million worth of profits and causing 70 people to lose their jobs a week before Christmas 2010. Oh wait, this happened last year? So Beyonce can’t pull the pregnancy card. “Woops, my B” – says B.

Beyonce requested that the lawsuit be dismissed, but Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Charles Ramos is upholding the decision to sue.

However, Beyonce’s legal team says that she had the right to pull out of the project. Her contract said that if the video game company failed to raise $5 million in financing, that she was allowed to drop out of the project. The company is claiming that they raised $6.7 million but Beyonce’s team demanded more compensation to move forward, and then she dropped out.

However, the lawsuit still stands and Beyonce may be liable for a deposition. If and when that occurs, you know TMZ will be right outside the courthouse.

Gate Five is hoping to get the $100 million in damages they seek and also wants to get an injunction, which means that Beyonce is unable to work on any future computer or video games with any company. Dammit, just as I was designing a “Grand Theft Auto: Beyonce’s Cars” video game. There goes that Beyonce+computer game tie-in dream.

The company claims that Beyonce “destroyed Gate Give’s business.” They also had some strange choice words, such as claiming that Beyonce “double crossed” them when she abandoned the gig on a “whim.”

Beyonce’s camp says it was Gate Five’s chief financial backer who they claimed was “overbearing” and ruined anything Beyonce had previously been working towards with Gate Five. They describe him as someone who “entered the picture and ended up disturbing the collaborative atmosphere,” between the parties.