Beyonce "Best Thing I Never Had" Music Video

July 8, 2011 By:

I always interpreted “Best Thing I Never Had” as a kind of a the-one-that-got-away but I’m glad-he-got-away type of situation, but apparently Beyonce sees the video to that song as a wedding anthem?

Now, watching the video I totally get it. The music video shows Beyonce marrying her dream man causing her ex-lover to realize he F’d up bad. The video follows the entire wedding process from getting dressed, rolling around a grassy knoll while wearing a wedding dress (obviously very normal wedding behavior), the ceremony, and the reception.

The video is saying, “Hey look at what you’re missing out on!” “Look how hot I look in pre-wedding lingerie!” “I’m so over you and now I’m about to be married to someone better than you, but I still want you to see this video and be jealous.”

It’s totally THAT feeling. The feeling that’s only applicable to superstars with the ability to make expensive music videos that make a former lover feel bad.

The video is actually the prettiest fake wedding I’ve ever seen.

There are several clips in the video that are supposed to look like “home videos” from 1998 where a young “Beyonce” goes to the prom with some dude that ditches her on the dance floor! Whoever that guy is, he’s totally regretting bailing on the future Queen B as she sings, “it sucks to be you right now.”