Is This Beyoncé Four-Disc Surprise Album Tracklist Real?

November 3, 2014 By:
Is This Beyoncé Four-Disc Surprise Album Tracklist Real?
Image By: Instagram

Is Beyoncé about to pull another fast one on us and ~change the game~ once again?

A photo of an alleged new Beyoncé album has been floating around the Internet and people are going NUTS.


The photo shows a release confirmation for Beyoncé Volume 2 with some pretty epic features. Yes, that's Nicki Minaj, Frank Ocean, Justin Timberlake, AND Rihanna on there. 

People are already debunking the photo, pointing out errors like the release date for the physical copy is listed as Monday, November 25. If you look on the calendar, November 25 is Tuesday, not a Monday. 

Also, one of the songs is entitled "Good in Goodbye," which a fan pointed out is a lyric in "Best Thing I Never Had".

Do you remember how tightly wrapped Beyoncé's last surprise albums was? We doubt she would let a huge leak like this slip past her. 

We can stay hopeful though and pray that this Beyoncé album re-issue is real. If so, we only have to wait until next Friday!