Beyonce "Party" Music Video

October 25, 2011 By:

Beyonce's a tease. No really. This is the second time she dropped a 30 second preview for a new music video, you could call it a teaser trailer.

Even though Beyonce has already given us videos for "Run The World," "Best Thing I never Had," "1+1," "Countdown" and "Love on Top" she's about to release the music video for "Party" and just gave us 30 seconds of the finished product. Maybe she is faking her pregnancy, because she is churning out music videos weekly, and I don't know what kind of pregnant woman has the time for that.

In other pregnancy news, it's hard to tell from this 30-second clip, but she is wearing a bathing suit and I can't see any sign of a baby bump. If only we knew when she filmed this! Regardless, let's forget about Beyonce's here-today-gone-tomorrow baby bump for a moment and focus on the music.

According to a blog called, the video will premiere later today on BET. Although you can't see it from the sneak peek clip, the video will feature a cameo from Beyonce's sister Solange as the DJ in the party scene. And former Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland is also supposed to make an appearance in the video.

The original track featured raps by Kanye West and Andre 3000, however, for the video, Andre's rap has been replaced by newcomer rapper J. Cole. It's no coincidence that J.Cole is in the video as he's signed to Roc Nation, aka the label run by Beyonce's husband Jay-Z. Other "coincidences" include that "Party" is produced by Kanye West, who is Jay-Z's bestie and Watch The Throne partner.

From the 30 second clip it seems like "Party" is channeling one of those party scenes that's reminiscent of teen movie from the 80's, the kind where people have parties in actual houses and not apartments and everyone dances and everyone is holding a red cup.

In the video Beyonce is eating cheetos, sitting on a floaty, and posing on a lawn chair. J.Cole's eight-bar rhyme is about, no surprise here, partying.

"We are in Abu Dahbi, We like to party/We don't cause trouble, we just ride Bugatti," he raps on the track.

While I feel bad for Andre 3000 getting canned from appearing in the video, J.Cole was elated to be involved with the remix of the song and the video. He gushed over working with Beyonce.

"She's such a hard working, incredible artist. I'll never forget that day we shot the video, I'll never forget being able to be on that song, and hopefully we got more as time goes on," admits J. Cole.

Then again, Jay-Z is his boss, so what did you think he was going to say?