Beyonce Performs 'Single Ladies' at 2009 MTV VMA's

September 14, 2009 By:
Beyonce Performs 'Single Ladies' at 2009 MTV VMA's

The always classy Beyonce performed 'Single Ladies' at the MTV VMA's last night and it was one heck of a performance, but did we expect anything else from her?

Later on in the night Beyonce would prove to the world what a wonderful person she is after Kanye West made an ass out of himself.

Although Kanye ruined Taylor's first VMA, Beyonce gave her another chance to accept her speech, for which she called Beyonce "wonderful and gracious."

"They told me to stand by the side of the stage, and I didn't really know what was going to go down," said Taylor. "But I thought it was so wonderful and gracious of her to do what she's always done.

"She's always been a great person before anything else. Before the talented artist, the superstar, she's always been a great person and I just, I thought I couldn't love Beyonce more tonight, than tonight."

Watch Beyonce's performance below: