Beyonce Shows Off Her Booty in New Photoshoot for '4'

July 7, 2011 By:
Beyonce Shows Off Her Booty in New Photoshoot for '4'

Beyonce released images from her new promotional photo shoot for the release of her new album 4, and it looks like Beyonce has taken her old freakum dress out of retirement.

The former Bootylicious diva is super racy in the new photos where in one photo she dons a sexy version of a little bo peep dress and in another she essentially wears an extravagant headdress with a backless dress paired with ass-less chaps. Just imagine that, but high fashion.

Beyonce is gearing up for Scotland music festival T in The Park this weekend where it’s expected to rain heavily so I doubt she can get away with any of those outfits. Does that Bejeweled headdress come with a parka?

Beyonce slimmed down a lot for these outfits and her new tour. In one set of photos she’s wearing a blue frilly bikini and I swear they photo-shopped in Nicole Scherzinger’s body.

Beyonce is the warm-up act for Coldplay on Saturday and then she’s staying in the UK for another music festival in Ireland on Sunday.

Come back to the USA Queen B!