Beyonce Suing Bootleggers

June 17, 2009 By:
Beyonce Suing Bootleggers

Bootylicious Beyonce is suing bootleggers! She’s going after people who have been allegedly selling bootleg copies of her merchandise at her concerts.

According to TMZ, Beyonce filed a federal lawsuit today in New York, claiming a group of people have been selling knock-off CDs and other merch at multiple concerts of hers around the world.

Beyonce and her legal team haven’t been able to track down exactly who is doing this, but they’re anticipating it happening at B’s upcoming June 21st and 22nd shows at Madison Square Garden in NYC.

Beyonce is hoping the judge will rule the bootlegs are illegal before they hit the streets. Talk about nipping this problem in the bud! That’s no way to thank Beyonce for lessening ticket sales to $20! She was doing everyone a favor!