Beyonce Surprises Kids in Harlem

July 1, 2011 By:

Beyonce can do no wrong. A group of children from The Boys and Girls Club of Harlem gathered for an event at the Target in Harlem to learn Beyonce routines with help from her backup dancers.

While the kids performed the routine to Beyonce’s “Countdown,” these pint-sized fans were in for the surprise of their life when Beyonce stepped onto the stage to join in with their dance.

The crowd and the kids immediately began screaming and rushed for a group hug with the pop star.

“It was amazing. I didn’t even know she was behind me,” Symone Huggins, 15, said, “I turned as was like ‘Oh my God!”

The surprise of dancing onstage with their idol didn’t faze these little fans, they continued their routine with Bey while she grooved along in the back. Only time I’ve ever seen Beyonce upstaged.

“She’s so nice and she has great music and everything, and that’s why I just want to be like her when I grow up so bad,” Jordyn Smith, 7, said.

After the kids finished their choreographed routine Beyonce joked, “Surprise,” then held out the mic to each of the kids as they introduced themselves and dropped their jaws in awe.

The kids were genuinely surprised when their dance lesson turned into a Beyonce hosted dance party.