Beyonce Treats Waiting Fans to Pizza

July 14, 2011 By:
Beyonce Treats Waiting Fans to Pizza

It’s nearly impossible not to love Beyonce. When she isn’t confidently shaking her booty on stage, she’s going on shopping sprees for family members or visiting kids in the Bronx.

And just this week she showed off her generous side once again when she ordered 200 pizzas to feed her fans.

Beyonce was filming the second half of ‘A Night With Beyonce’ in the UK for iTV when fans started lining up at the secret location hours before showtime.

She decided to treat the 500 royal fans by ordering them pizza and had a staff member walk around and pass out bottles of water. How amazing is that? Her heart is seriously as big as her bank account.

She’s not the only star to recently order a ton of pizza for fans. ‘Harry Potter’ actor Tom Felton did the same for fans camped out on the streets of New York before Monday’s premiere. Amaze-balls.