Beyonce's Music Video: "Dance For You"

November 26, 2011 By:
Beyonce's Music Video:

Beyonce debuts music video for her bonus single “Dance For You” off her recent album 4. In the video she plays an oldey timey femme fatale of the film noir genre, but manages to bring the Beyonce freak ‘em power to the black and white video.

Beyonce puts on a show, literally, while she does a one sided lap dance (for herself? I guess?)and some intense choreography while a stoic looking man wearing suspenders watches from a distance. Then, Beyonce pulls the cord on all the blinds and BAM, backup dancers. Beyonce and her girls dance on stools, dance with fans, and all the while the man in suspenders stands watching, still unsmiling, as if the hottest woman in the world isn’t serenading him with a private dance.

This is Beyonce’s eighth video in her “Elements of 4” video anthology. So far she’s released videos for “End of Time,” “Run The World (Girls),” “Best Thing I Never Had,” “1+1,” “Countdown,” “Love on Top” and “Party.”

She’s churning out videos like they're going out of style. Maybe it’s because she can’t perform live, you know, because of the baby bump so she’s like “Hey, remember how awesome I am? Here’s another video just in case you forgot that I’m still better than Lady Gaga.”

The song was co-written by Beyonce and Tricky Stewart and was produced by The Dream. The song boasts lyrics like, “"Tonight I'm gonna dance for you/ Tonight I'm gonna dance for you/ Tonight I'm gonna put my body on your body/ Boy, I like it when you watch me/ Tonight it's going down.” So yeah, brace yourself for lots of girls in minidresses at “da club” trying to reacreate these moves while they lip sync along to these boudoir-inspired lyrics.

Other bonus tracks on the 4 album include “Lay Up Under Me” and “Schoolin Life. This video will be featured on Beyonce’s deluxe edition of Queen B's "Live at Roseland" DVD special, out November 29. The concert was filmed in August over four shows performed at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City. It features Beyonce talking about about her career, home videos, and performances of some of her older tracks, before launching a nonstop performance of 4 played straight through.

While we wait for the rest of 4 to get the video treatment, which of her 8 new videos is your favorite? Is it her faux wedding in “Best Thing I Never Had” or her backyard kickback in “Party?”R