Beyonce's Performance For Oprah's Farewell Show

May 23, 2011 By:
Beyonce's Performance For Oprah's Farewell Show

As we continue the countdown to Oprah’s last show, celebrities, performers, and famous friends gathered to perform and give their love and regards to Oprah at Chicago’s United Center.

Attendees, performers, and guests included Jada Pinkett and Will Smith, Dakota Fanning, Maria Shriver, Tom Hanks, and Usher to name a few.

The real highlight of the farewell show was a performance by Beyonce to her new single, “Run the world.” Leaks of this live performance had been kept hush hush for days and the official music video finally premiered last week during American Idol.

The Queen of Pop starts her performance handing out diplomas to her group of collegiate dancers, with Queen Bey dressed in a leotard version of a tuxedo. If Beyonce truly ran the world we would all be some fierce bitches.

While Beyonce and her girls “run the world” on stage, the camera cuts away to reaction shots of Oprah looking like she’s about to lose her sh-t! I know what she’s thinking, “Who run the world?” I do! Well for one or two more days at least.”

However, can we address the elephant in the room? Why is Tom Cruise sitting front and center directly next to Oprah? Did he have to scalp those seats from Michelle Obama to sit there?

Tom Cruise’s weird seating arrangement aside, I think everyone can agree that Beyonce is a goddess. Girl can slayyyyy.