Destiny's Child Reuniting?

December 18, 2007 By:
Destiny's Child Reuniting?

Some people seriously don't understand the concept of 'Retiring.' Singer Kelly Rowland is so impressed with 'The Spice' girls reunion that she's considering getting 'Destiny's Child' back together.

Rowland says her and Beyonce are seriously considering reuniting. She says, "This current spate of reunions has given us ideas. Despite what people say we are all still really close.

"A couple of weeks ago Beyonce did a show in Los Angeles and asked me and Michelle (Williams) to join her on stage for 'Survivor'.

"It was a real tear-jerker. The fans were crying and going nuts. I'd definitely like us to do more stuff like that." Rowland says she and Knowles will discuss the band's future over Christmas dinner, adding, "As ever, Beyonce and I will spend Christmas Day (25Dec07) together. It will be a real family affair."

Let it rest people! This is the 34th time you're coming out of retirement, just walk away!!