Jay Z Hints that Beyonce is Pregnant with Another Baby

September 15, 2014 By:
Jay Z Hints that Beyonce is Pregnant with Another Baby
Image By: Kevork Djansezian

Beyoncé and Jay Z closed off their On the Run tour in Paris, the city of love where Blue was conceived.

During the concert, Jay Z hinted at a second baby by switching up the lyrics in his song "Beach is Better." The original lyric was "I replace it with another one," which he switched out with "Cause she's pregnant with another one."

But maybe we can put these rumors to rest as quickly as they materialized? Beyoncé was photographed drinking champagne backstage after the show.. 

Regardless, looks like Bey and Jay are all lovey-dovey again?

According to a British newspaper The Daily Mirror, a source said "It's been a really rocky summer for Jay and Bey and they want to put to bed all the rumours that they're heading for a break. That's why Jay is going all out to treat Bey in Paris. They have some great memories of the city from their early days together and he wants to remind her of that."

The HBO premiere of the "On the Run" special will air September 20.