Jay-Z: I Created "Single Ladies" Dance

February 23, 2010 By:
Jay-Z: I Created

Jay-Z and Beyonce are about as “power couple” as they come these days. And rather than compete with each other, this married couple shares their ideas!

Jay appeared on the BBC program Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, and talked about how he and Beyonce take each other’s moves all the time.

“She’s a magnificent performer,” Jay said of B. “I’ve stolen many routines from her…she’s stolen many things from me. Ya know, you see it on stage, the whole ‘Uh-oh’ dance.”

As for ‘Single Ladies’, Ross was dying to know more about it. He asked Jay, “Has Beyonce performed that for you at home? Did she try out the moves for you before the video?”

Surprisingly, Jay-Z replied, “I actually created that dance. It was me…again. I said ‘you should do this,’ and she did it.”

Somehow we can’t see Jay-Z in the little leotard teaching his wife the moves to the dance!

Check out the rest of the hilarious interview below.