Jay-Z Writes Song About His Daughter Blue Ivy Carter--Listen Here!

January 9, 2012 By:
Jay-Z Writes Song About His Daughter Blue Ivy Carter--Listen Here!

Beyonce has just given birth to her and Jay-Z's first child, baby girl Blue Ivy and Jay-Z is wasting no time writing a song about it.

In the new song, "Glory feat B.I.C" (does B.I.C. stand for Blue Ivy Carter? Ahhh she already has her MC name!) Jay-Z goes deep and makes some revealing comments like the fact that Beyonce suffered a miscarriage before having Blue Ivy.

Jay-Z raps, "Last time the miscarriage was so tragic." He also reveals that his daughter was conceived in Paris, "You was made in Paris," he raps.

Not only that, but he raps about how his daughter is going to grow up big pimping just like her daddy. "Bad ass Lil Hov/2 years old, shopping on Savile Row."

On behalf of Beyonce and Jay-Z's daughter, does Bugatti make baby strollers?

The song ends with the sound of a baby crying, and I can only assume it's their new daughter, aka B.I.C.

This might be the sweetest rap I've ever heard, the usually braggadocio rapper writes this adorable ode to her daughter and says, "The most amazing feeling I feel, Words can't describe the feeling, for real. Maybe I paint the sky blue, My greatest creation was you: Glory."

I can't wait for Beyonce's follow up: "Who run the world? My girl!"

Friends and family have been tweeting their congratulations, Rihanna called her "princess carter" and sister Solange called her "the most beautiful girl in the world."

Congratulations are in order. Also, I'm taking bets for how long it takes Blue Ivy Carter to drop her last name like the rest of the family.

Listen to the track below: