LISTEN UP: New Beyoncé Song 'Ring Off' is Here in Full

November 21, 2014 By:
LISTEN UP: New Beyoncé Song 'Ring Off' is Here in Full
Image By: Getty Images / Frazer Harrison

We've been talking about it all week.

Those two new Beyoncé songs "7/11" and "Ring Off".

What the hell are they about? What do they sound like? Is Bey singing about Slurpees and hot dogs? 

Snippets of both songs leaked on Wednesday, and they didn't help at all. If anything, they made things worse because they make us want to hear the full thing!


We have good and bad news for you. Both tracks leaked in full earlier last night, but unfortunately "7/11" was pulled this morning. Thankfully, "Ring Off" is still online! Now we don't have to listen to that 30 second clip on repeat.

Behold, "Ring Off":

When we first heard the title "Ring Off", we thought she would be singing about the infidelity rumors surrounding Jay Z and her. We were wrong. Beyonce is actually singing about her mother's recent divorce to Mathew Knowles.

Ugh. Beyoncé is just the sweetest daughter, ever.


See what Stereotude host Albert Lawrence had to say about Bey's new joint: