Ne-Yo Suing Beyonce

January 23, 2008 By:
Ne-Yo Suing Beyonce

Rapper Ne-Yo is launching a lawsuit against Beyonce over royalties that date back to 2006.

Ne-Yo organized the vocal arrangements and melodies for Beyonce's album 'Irreplaceable.' They had an understanding that he would offer his services free of charge but she had to collaborate with him on his next album. A deal that Ne-Yo says she pulled out of, according to

A source tells the site, "(Ne-Yo) was never paid for writing the song Irreplaceable. There was just an understanding that he'd help out on (Beyonce's album) and when it was his time to make his album, Beyonce would return the favor.

"It doesn't look like Beyonce's going to be working on the album. Ne-Yo could have sold that song for hundreds of thousands of dollars. I know that he's consulted a lawyer over what to do about things.

"I'm not sure whether (Ne-Yo) will actually go through with a lawsuit. But I know he's furious about it. If she doesn't work on his album, I hope he does sue."