Taylor Swift vs. Beyoncé: Who's Richer?

November 5, 2014 By:
Taylor Swift vs. Beyoncé: Who's Richer?
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Beyoncé and Taylor Swift are undoubtedly the highest female earners in the music industry at the moment.

But who's raking in more cash?

Is it Queen Bey? She just had one of her most successful years -- dropping that ~legendary~ surprise album, going on the second highest grossing tour with her hubby, linking up with Top Shop on a sportswear line, and the list just keeps going on.

Or is it Taylor Swift? As you may already know, Tay Tay's 1989 album sold nearly 1.3 million copies in its first week, making it the ONLY album released this year so far going platinum. Taylor has multiple deals with Subway, Diet Coke, and Target JUST for the album. 

How much exactly are our divas bringing in this year?



It's Beyoncé. Duh.

This woman is pretty much ~untouchable~. Last year, Bey made $53 million. In true Beyoncé fashion, she DOUBLED that figure this year, bringing in a total of $115 million. This makes her the top-earning woman in the music business. YAAAAAS.

Are you wondering how much Taylor made? She follows in second place with $63 million. With her ingenious crossover to pop music from country, Taylor broke record after record with the sales for 1989. Music analysts are predicting that 1989 might even be the LAST platinum album of ALL TIME. 

Hell yeah. Girl power is alive and these ladies make us extremely proud. 

Check out the full list below:

Forbes’ ‘Top Earning Women In Music':

1. Beyoncé – $115 Million
2. Taylor Swift – $64 Million
3. P!nk – $52 Million
4. Rihanna – $48 Million
5. Katy Perry – $40 Million
6. Jennifer Lopez – $37 Million
7. Miley Cyrus – $36 Million
8. Celine Dion – $36 Million
9. Lady Gaga – $33 Million
10. Britney Spears – $30 Million