U2 Wants to Be Beyoncé So Bad

November 19, 2014 By:
U2 Wants to Be Beyoncé So Bad
Image By: Getty Images / Kevin Winter

Beyoncé unexpectedly released her sefl-titled album last year.

U2 unexpectedly released their Songs of Innocence album a few months ago (and it landed in everyone's iTunes without consent).


Beyoncé released 14 music videos to go with each track on the Beyoncé album, making it the first ever audio-visual album.

U2 have just announced that they will be releasing a long-form video featuring visuals of all the tracks on their Songs of Innocence album.


Are you seeing a pattern here? U2 wishes they were Beyoncé soooooo bad. But who doesn't? Let's be honest.

U2, however, will not be starring in their music videos. The visual album will feature works from the world's most acclaimed urban graffiti artists taking inspiration from the political murals of Northern Ireland. 


Watch the trailer here:

Will you be purchasing U2's visual album? Or will U2 just land them in our iTunes without asking again?