Valentine Do's and Don'ts

February 13, 2014 By:
Valentine Do's and Don'ts

For guys, Valentine's Day is a minefield of exploding hearts and Rose-tinted IED's. For women, it is a time of poorly stifled expectation and overwhelming disappointment. It brings all the ups and downs of a shitty, pink-and-red themed rollercoaster. Don't worry, young Lovers of the World! Uncle Stereotude is here to make sure everybody gets through this thing with a palatable balance of emotional validation and poonanny. Everyone's a winner at Stereotude!

First things first, guys, here's a golden rule: even if a girl says she doesn't care about Valentine's Day, she cares about Valentine's Day. Yeah, it's a made-up corporate holiday with little actual meaning, but nobody likes being left out and everybody likes to feel appreciated. So do something.


Don't end up like this lonely K-pop Star:

...or this K-pop Star...

Be Like THIS K-pop Star...


You don't need to make it perfect and blow her away:


You just need to show her that you're trying and she'll be like:


So stop! Don't go to CVS and get crap chocolates! Head over to our sister site The Savory and get some cheap meal ideas. Girls love it when you make dinner for them, even if you burn it:


You never know what might happen. A little effort goes a long way. Let Adam Levine and Rihanna tell you: