Video: Beyonce Shows Off Her Baby Bump During Amazing MTV VMA Performance

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Video: Beyonce Shows Off Her Baby Bump During Amazing MTV VMA Performance

The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards might as well have been called ‘The Beyonce show’ because she stole the spotlight tonight.

Beyonce showed off her growing baby bump in a gorgeous one shoulder red Grecian gown on the red carpet and later took the stage for an impressive performance. “I want you to feel the love that’s crawling inside of me,” she told the audience before singing “Love on Top”.

After performing at the 2011 VMAs, Beyonce unbuttoned her sparkly jacket and rubbed her belly -- announcing her pregnancy to the world. The camera then cut to Jay-Z and Kanye West in the audience who were going nuts with excitement.

Beyonce has said time and again that she’ll most likely retire and or be pregnant by the time she’s 30. She just released a new album so there goes the retirement plans, but she kept her word about the pregnancy.

Beyonce was simply glowing today. She gave an amazing performance on stage, dressed head to toe in Dolce & Gabbana.

In June, Beyonce told CNN interviewer Piers Morgan that she wanted to get pregnant.

"I feel like a woman. I feel like I'm very aware of who I am. I feel great and I feel like 30 is the ideal age [to start a family], because you're mature enough to know who you are and to have your boundaries and your standards, and not be afraid, too polite -- but you're young enough to be a young woman," she said. "I'm so looking forward to it."

She added, "I always said I'd have a baby at 30. But I also said I'm going to retire at 30. ... Only God knows."

Judging by her bump, she’s most likely 4-5 months along right now, which means she was most likely pregnant during the interview.

In that same interview, Beyoncé talked about her husband.

"Jay and I have kind of made a decision that we want to be known for our music and not our relationships or scandals. But he is amazing," she said. "I definitely had a very natural friendship and connection with him. We've been together for a very long time and I'm very happy. Love is the foundation of everything, everything I do. My music is inspired by love -- from my family, my husband, my sister."

Check out Beyonce’s performance of “Love on Top” at the 2011 MTV VMA’s below…

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Beyonce rubbing her belly:

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