Black Eyed Peas: New Album This Year!

August 2, 2010 By:
Black Eyed Peas: New Album This Year!

Good news, Black Eyed Peas fans! They have a new album coming out this year!

We’re so excited, since their last album The E.N.D. totally blew us away. This new record, named The Beginning is, according to the AP going to go on sale before the end of the year! said in a statement about the album, “It symbolizes growth, new beginnings and starts, fresh new perspective.”

“It’s a positive, feel-good song at the time where there’s question marks and uncertainty,” Will added. “People want to be reminded that it’s going to be all right.”

In related news, the BEP’s song “I Gotta Feelin” was just announced as the first digital download to pass the 6 million mark. Will said of that milestone, "We came out in '98 and our career, if you would look at it on chart, there's no dips in it. For our career to still be healthy and vibrant and doing things like 6 million downloads, it's pretty significant."

Congrats BEP! We can’t wait to hear the new album!