B.o.B "F***ed Up" Music Video

October 25, 2011 By:

You know that scene in The Hangover where they relive through montage all their crazy Vegas adventures from the night before? This is like that, but more pimp.

B.o.B just released the video for the track "F-cked Up" where he relives all the crazy sh-t he did the night before in China. The video begins with B.o.B sleeping on a tour bus as the video begins to remind him of all the shenanigans from the night before. All the crazy stuff includes lining up shots, hooking up with a hot chick and hot chicks friend, taking photos with girls dressed as playboy bunnies and partying in VIP hotel rooms. And then they do other not-so-crazy stuff like shopping for fresh food in a market, making small talk with locals, and gazing out of windows while looking pensive.

So the video is like half-hood rat, the rest of it serves as an exciting promotional film for China commerce and tourism.

This laid back track is actually not off his album and features rapper Playboy Tre. The chorus boasts the lyrics, "Is that why you think I'm cool? Because I get f-cked up?" Which is also the personal motto of everyone you'll ever meet in college.

B.o.B traveled across the world for the video and raps accordingly, ""I’m half way across the world, it just occurred to me/ I look down, wallet full of currency/ Table full of shots, that’s courtesy."

Apparently this video was released as a gift to his Twitter followers. He told twitter fans that if they got the hashtag #strangeclouds - the name of his sophomore album - to trend, then he would release a new video. So to thank his fans he dropped this video.

This is the second video that features B.o.B in Asia. The video for "High Life" featured B.o.B in a really low-budget video where he was rapping on a boat and rapping in a pool in Singapore. So, while he does his world tour he likes to knock out a couple of videos. I guess it's an alternative to the "in da club" videos.

This song also samples the song "Control" by the band I Blame Coco and in case you don't know who I Blame Coco is, she is Sting's daughter. Hey look, we're learning things!

This is also not Playboy Tre's first appearance in a B.o.B video, the little known rapper was also featured on B.o.B's video for "Epic." A hardcore track that features the two getting into it in a boxing ring. It was a far cry from the "let's do shots" visual feel of the "F-cked Up" video.