B.O.B "Strange Clouds" Music Video

December 5, 2011 By:

B.o.B just released the video for the title track off his sophomore album, "Strange Clouds." The video opens with B.o.B rapping in a field of really tall grass while some hot chick is riding on a stallion, as in a horse. Forget Bugattis in rap videos, the new rap vehicle is a horse!

The video features townsfolk staring up to the skies to glimpse the "strange clouds" forming overhead, but when B.o.B raps about "strange clouds" I'm pretty sure he means, "smoke rings."

Lil Wayne lends his vocal stylings to a verse and appears in the video wearing a fannypack, because he's Lil Wayne and he can get away with sh-t like that.

Wayne raps, "Blue jeans, I'm faded, mindin' my own data/Smokin' on that strong, that Arnold Schwarzenegger." Bonus points for rhyming "data" and "Schwarzenegga'," that ain't easy.

The video continues on in this way, B.o.B and Wayne frolick in the tall grass, literally and metaphorically, and then there's a cameo from rapper T.I. You continue to watch the video, waiting for T.I.'s verse to begin, but then he doesn't and the video is over. Apparently, T.I. who is also known as T.I.P is a good friend of B.o.B, and supports up-and-comer B.o.B in all his projects, even if that means just standing around in one of his videos.

"Working with artists like Tip and Eminem, you really learn a lot from people who have put out countless albums," B.o.B tells MTV News, "Being that I'm fresh in the industry and really eager to learn and really show people everything I can do musically, they kind of help me. I remember Tip telling me, 'I'm with you. I support everything you do.'"

B.o.B originally wanted the track to go towards his mixtape, but once he started working on it, he knew it had to be the lead single, "I was actually in mixtape mode when I heard it, so I just really wanted to go in on the beat," says B.o.B, "A hook came to me, and it kind of started to stick out to me the more and more I listened to it, and it ended up being the title track for the album."