Bobbi Kristina Gets Whitney Houston's $20 Million Inheritance

October 29, 2012 By:
Bobbi Kristina Gets Whitney Houston's $20 Million Inheritance

We have a feeling this won’t appear as an arc on Lifetime’s The Houstons: On Our Own (oxymoron alert: too personal for reality TV), so we’ll cover it here.

The fight over the Whitney Houston’s $20 million estate left to Bobbi Kristina Brown has been settled—and the singer’s only daughter will receive the multi-million dollar payout as originally delineated by her late mom.

The will’s co-executors, Whitney’s mom/Bobbi’s grandmother Cissy Houston and sister-in-law/aunt Pat originally took issue with the disbursement of the fortune, which would leave the 19-year-old with the following payout: $2 million at 21, $4 million at 25, and $16 at 30.

Cissy and Pat filed a legal petition, thinking the original three installments were “too much, too soon” and sought to adjust the numbers. However, turns out an agreement has been made between the parties, so they dismissed the case, and everyone’s happy with whatever that is.

This doesn’t look like a case of Mama and Aunt Houston playing Bobbi-derella with Whitney’s money. It’s the Young Hollywood Life (and of course, Whitney’s tragic one) that’s on their conscience, so it’s easy to see Cissy and Pat’s concerns.

We all know how these narratives go and are just watching out to make sure Bobbi doesn’t go the way of Lilo and Bynes.