Bon Jovi Offering $20 Concert Tickets

October 30, 2012 By:
Bon Jovi Offering $20 Concert Tickets

The music industry has been called a machine before and for warranted reason. How else to explain the going rate of $150 for the Rolling Stones’ 50th Anniversary concert?

It’s the price tag that provoked a conversation and prodded a scandal of fans feeling exploited by the price. True, it could be the last time the Stones’ can ever be seen live on stage, but it also shuts out the fans that got them to that point in the first place.

Bon Jovi have responded in their own way to that debate and are clearly siding with fans. They’ve put up tickets for their “Because We Can” tour next year for the price of $20.

“I was delighted when they came to me insisting on ticket prices for the 'Because We Can' tour next year that enabled all to attend,” said Jon Bon Jovi. “If we are to survive as an industry we need to move away from the elitist image of high prices and even higher secondary prices. After all, rock and roll always was and always should be the music of the people, and that means everyone.”

“We are in the middle of a recession and that’s why the band thinks $20 is perfect,” a source close to the band added.

What do you think? They really shouldn’t be compared because one of these groups are living legends and the other is Bon Jovi, but who’s more in touch with their fans here? Bon Jovi? Or the Stones?