U2 '360' To Become Most Successful Tour Ever!

April 8, 2011 By:
U2 '360' To Become Most Successful Tour Ever!

So I guess U2 is still popular. This weekend, U2 takes the stage for the second of three shows at Sao Paulo, Brazil's Morumbi Stadium, and their '360' tour is already on track to becoming the most successful tour EVER! Now that's impressive!

So far the Rolling Stones hold the record for most successful tour with their 'Bigger Band' road show, but they're about to get bumped to number two.

'Bigger Bang' pulled in $558 million during its 2005-07 run, but that's nothing compared to what U2 is about to pull in.

According to Billboard, U2 will go on to shatter the record at about $700 million by the time it wraps in North America July 30 at Magnetic Hill in Moncton, N.B., and when all the numbers come in be recorded in Billboard Boxscore as the biggest trek ever. The tour returns to North America May 21 in Denver.

These guys are simply amazing. No matter what your music taste is, it's impossible not to love U2!