Brandy and Chris Brown "Put it Down" Music Video

August 15, 2012 By:

Though Rihanna and Chris Brown are rumored to have gotten back together (probably much to the dismay of Oprah, might I add), it’s not her Chris is dancing with in his newest video—it’s Brandy.

Their new video, “Put It Down,” features the pair dancing around Ferraris and splattered walls quite jauntily.

Brandy dons some clashing animal prints and a pretty heinous white leather and fur Mad Max get up during the video, whereas Brown wears overalls and a backwards hat (is he supposed to be her mechanic? Shouldn’t someone be keeping him away from automobiles and tools when he’s close to women?) when he’s wearing anything at all.

They both display their formidable dancing skillz, and the song, though not exceptional, isn’t bad. It’s the first single off Brandy’s upcoming album, Two Eleven, to be released October 2, so that isn’t a great sign.

Also, Hype Williams needs to get over his seizure inducing effects period. I flinch every time one of his videos start, even though this one was slightly less nauseating than “I Wish You Would/Cold,” it still made me feel like I was in one of those blacklit spinning tunnels in a crappy haunted house whenever Brandy and co. were dancing against the paint splatters.

Chris Brown also shows his abs off again (like he did when partying with his on again off again girlfriend in Cannes a few days after reportedly being seen kissing Rihanna, cute) in the video, so if the sight of that won’t make you punch your computer or puke on your keyboard, feel free to watch!