Britney Spears and Danja to Resurrect "Blackout" Sound

October 25, 2012 By:
Britney Spears and Danja to Resurrect

Five years ago, tomorrow, Britney released Blackout. Besides being remembered for singles like “Gimme More,” “Piece of Me,” and “Radar,” it’s really remembered for being the best album she ever made while breaking car windshields with umbrellas.

And we reveled in it because unscripted periods with a head shaver at a Valley salon like this don’t come often for a pop star.

It was Britney’s darkest, rawest, baldest moment yet (and probably ever) being retold in court right now by manager-at-the-time Sam Lufti like the Brother Grimm’s fairy tale it is. I mean, was it really already five fantasy years ago?

Given the context of the album, it was kind of amazing that this ex-Mouseketeer was coming off more punk in her own sound and image than that of singers-at-the-time Kelly Osbourne and Ashlee Simpson who were really just as, if not more, packaged than Britney by comparison.

These self-proclaimed rockers in pop clothing like, couldn’t even compete with Britney at their own game during Blackout. When it dropped, you could almost hear Avril Lavigne scrambling in her closet thinking, “Holy crap, I need to be more punk than Britney Spears?! I’m going to wear TWO neckties!” Those girls put on make up to look like wrecks, while Britney actually was a wreck. Check mate.

Now it turns out that Brit and the most prominent producer behind Blackout’s sound Nate “Danja” Hills are teaming up yet again. See, her marriage with K-Fed was going up flames at the time, but the musical romance she was having with DANJA was just getting started and soooo good it was on its wild way to a Vegas chapel to get married for an officially hot minute. And apparently it seems they could be in the studio laying down new tracks. Like, right now. At this very moment! I know, relax, relax. Try not to…blackout.

Granted all this is gathered from a one word exchange via Twitter between Danja and a fan online, but before you stop holding your breath and start rolling your eyes, uncracking cryptic tweets between celebrities is like the Da Vinci Code for entertainment bloggers.

Last night, asked if there’d be another collab soon, DANJA (@only1DANJA) wrote back to the fan and added an “@britneyspears” handle with the response: “coming!!”. Yeah, so read between the tweets, reader.

If this is true, let’s expect to get some sure-fire club-heavy tracks from Brit who knows when, but eventually. It’s partly what made Blackout so brilliant: all beats, no ballads. Apparently she’s released two more albums since then, but I wouldn’t know… Confession: Still listening to Blackout.