Britney Spears Bizarre X-Factor Backstage Requests

May 22, 2012 By:
Britney Spears Bizarre X-Factor Backstage Requests

In the music biz, there’s this thing called a “rider” which is everything the stars demand to have backstage at their shows. I think Adele requires like tons of German beers and Nicki Minaj need lots of wishbone salad dressing in their backstage set-ups.

Anyways, Britney Spears’s backstage rider for the “X Factor” has leaked and she has the weirdest requests.

For starters, she demands 34 Herve Leger dresses. Just FYI, there aren’t even that many episodes of The X Factor as there are Herve Leger dresses. However, it’s definitely Britney’s favorite dress, mostly because those Herve Leger wrap dresses do wonders to your mid section.

As for her food requests, she needs 12 Snickers bars & 10 snack size bags of Doritos per day. So much for that diet. She also asks for 10 pieces of chicken and four pints of potato salad every week. Yeehaw, we’re gerna find a damn good singer ‘Merica. Now pass me that potata salad y’all, I gotta moisturize mah face!

She also requires a personal manicurist, a facialist and a massage therapist.

For everyone that’s been wondering how Britney will survive on the X-Factor, meaning, how will she be able to string words into sentences and not sound anything like herself, Simon Cowell is wondering the same thing too.

Apparently Britney’s fabulous $15 million deal, is actually a per episode deal. Meaning, Simon can drop her like it’s hot at any time, just like he did with Cheryl Cole.